Teeth whitening

At Refresh Dental Care we offer a range of safe and professional whitening solutions.

Brighten your smile and achieve professional results safely in the surgery by a dental professional, using the latest technology from Philips ZOOM! or choose our take home option to whiten your teeth over time from the comfort of your own home.

The ZOOM in chair whitening procedure takes around 90 minutes and gives instant, long lasting results. While receiving the treatment you can comfortably kick back and relax, listen to some music or watch your favourite show on Netflix. We also take before and after photos so that you can clearly see the final results! After the treatment, one of our practitioners will provide you with after care instructions to maintain the best, long term results.

Contact us to find out if you are an eligible candidate for teeth whitening. Results may vary.


Phillips ZOOM

Straight after your in-chair whitening appointment your teeth will appear quite white! Over a few days they will settle in colour, while remaining a few shades lighter than prior to the whitening. Why the change? Teeth become dehydrated during whitening procedures and thus appear much whiter initially. Once the teeth rehydrate their colour will appear less intense, but still brighter than they originally did.

Sensitivity can occur during the whitening process, however the severity varies from person to person. To reduce your sensitivity, we recommend using sensitive toothpaste leading up to the appointment for at least a week. We also provide a relief gel to patients who need it to enhance the alleviation. Avoiding cold or hot beverages straight after whitening will help.

Yes! We recommend avoiding anything with staining agents. These include coffee, tea, red wine, tobacco products, curries, beetroot etc. A ‘white diet’ is ideal for up to 48 hours after your whitening. So, you can eat and drink as you normally would, but avoid the darker foods until a few days after your whitening.

We recommend having your whitening 1 to 2 weeks prior to your event. This will both ensure we can have you booked in before the event and to give you some time for any sensitivity to settle.

This would be beneficial and create more optimal results for you. We recommend a clean is done at least 2 weeks to 2 months before your whitening so that we can remove any built-up plaque, calculus, or everyday staining- these can impede your whitening results. It is also important that your gums are nice and healthy before we whiten.

Like a white shirt, teeth will need some care after whitening. Over time teeth will change colour due to the aging process, our diet, if we smoke and several other reasons. Whilst some of these are unavoidable, we can give advice to reduce the changes. Avoiding foods that stain, having water or chewing sugar free gum will also help. Brushing twice a day and visiting the dentist for your regular cleans will most definitely keep your teeth in top shape!

Everyone is different and multiple factors can affect the length of time the results will last. Ask us at your next visit and we can give you a more accurate guide specific to you.

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