Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment may be required if a tooth is severely decayed, has been heavily filled and restored, fractured, or has cracked. When bacteria enters the pulp of the tooth it can cause an infection or an abscess.

Signs and symptoms of a damaged root canal include a dull ache or severe pain in roots and gum, swelling of the gum around the infected tooth or teeth, pain or ache when biting down, and at times puss excretion creating a bad taste in your mouth.

Root canal treatments are completed over a few visits (usually 3), sometimes followed by a final visit where a crown is placed on the tooth to protect it from further damage.

During the treatment a local anaesthetic is given to numb the tooth, the root canals are then accessed by creating a small hole in the tooth. The infected pulp is removed, the canal is cleaned, and the tooth is then sealed.

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You will be provided with anaesthetic during your appointment. There may be slight tenderness after the anaesthetic wears off, however this will pass not long after.

Root canal treatment is an intricate procedure. Due to the nature of this treatment costs are higher than the costs associated with having the tooth extracted. While having the tooth taken out is cheaper in the short term it can cause complications in the future which could increase your dental costs. All teeth are worth saving.

Usually, 3 appointments are required to complete root canal treatment. There are medicinal treatments and measurements which need to be taken during the process. Once root canal treatment has begun it is imperative to return as advised by your dentist. If left unfinished problems can re-occur with the tooth.

We recommend crowns on teeth have undergone and finished root canal treatment as these teeth are not as strong as other teeth which are supported by nerve systems. A crown will protect the entire integrity of the tooth.

Returning for regular check-ups as recommended by your dental professional will ensure that your teeth remain healthy and that any issues that may be arising in your mouth are dealt with before they become larger problems.

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