Gum treatments

At Refresh Dental Care we can treat a range of gum problems. The appearance of our gums can cause teeth to look uneven or crooked or you may see more gums than teeth when you smile.

You don’t have to hide your smile because you are unhappy with the appearance of your teeth or gums. Gingival recontouring is a great way to treat a “gummy” smile. By trimming and adjusting the gum lines around your teeth we improve the general appearance of your smile, enhancing the size and shape of your teeth to a more desirable result.

Bleeding gums are not normal, nor healthy. It is usually caused by inflammation from plaque or active gum disease (Periodontitis). Our hygienists are specifically trained to treat gum disease and have a lot of experience in assisting patients improve their oral health to stop the disease from progressing. We do this by cleaning under the gums (with local anaesthetic if needed) to ensure all bacteria and irritation is removed allowing the gums to head appropriately. Deep cleaning is the initial therapy to gum disease/Periodontitis.


Depending on what the problem is, generally the hygienist will treat your gums. Inflammation and gum disease is something our hygienists are great at managing. If you are wanting gum recontouring or gum grafting our dentist will help you.

Deep cleaning under your gums can be delivered pain free. There is an option to give local anaesthesia to ensure you are comfortable if your gums are sensitive or inflamed.

Deep cleans under your gums are usually recommended to people who suffer from gum disease or periodontitis. With this condition it is important thorough cleaning is carried out under the gums to ensure optimal healing and treatment outcome.

Your dental professional will assess the condition of your gums at each appointment, sometimes regularly maintenance is required every 3 months depending on your risk status and oral hygiene at home. With these treatments we aim to reduce visits and improve oral health overall.

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