General dentistry

At Refresh Dental Care we can assist with several general procedures.

We offer several pain management solutions to ensure a comfortable and pain free experience, such as local anaesthetic and happy gas.

We pride ourselves on being a family friendly practice where everyone is welcome, and we can tend to all your dental needs.

Our friendly hygienists will provide you with a thorough clean and our dentists will to a comprehensive check up to make sure you oral health is up to scratch.

At Refresh Dental Care we are a one-stop-shop where we can see to all your dental needs, everything from fillings, digital x-rays, OPGs, root canal treatment, crowns and bridges, veneers, mouth guards and splints, sleep and TMJ disorders, children’s dentistry, wisdom teeth extractions, gum alterations, orthodontics, periodontics, and emergency dental care.

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At Refresh we personalise our dental treatment and recommendations. Your dental professional will assess your individualised risk and recommend an appropriate visitation schedule. At minimum we recommend to see us at least once or twice a year.

A cleaning appointment with a hygienist is not just cleaning. There is examination of your soft tissues, oral cancer screening, maintenance of gum inflammation, fluoride treatment, x-rays if required and oral health discussions specialised to you! Our hygienists focus on education and oral hygiene instructions to ensure your oral health is maintained and kept at an optimal level.

While both dentists and hygienists have completed appropriate education, hygienists have undergone specific training in treating gum disease and focusing on prevention. While dentists undergo training in a similar way, we recommend you see a hygienist for your dental cleaning and gum treatment as they really are superstars in this field. We allocate more time for you with a hygienist, so you get the most from your appointment.

Not always. Although, there are times where on the surface of the teeth there is something that requires further investigation. Xray’s are a great way to see in between the teeth where the human eye physically cannot. We usually recommend x-rays like this every 2 years so that we can catch and treat any decay that may be in its early stages. X-rays can also help us diagnose specific problems which help us treatment plan.

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