Emergency dental care

At Refresh Dental Care we strive to accommodate all dental emergencies as quickly as possible. We understand how stressful it can be to experience toothache, have a chipped or fractured tooth or any other dental emergency. Our team is fully equipped to handle any emergency, we are always respectful, gentle, professional and we offer a range of pain management options.

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms and we are unavailable please seek medical assistance immediately; facial swelling, difficulty breathing, difficulty eating or opening your mouth, dental abscess.


We recommend that you attend your dental clinic for an assessment of the area that is giving you pain. Antibiotic cover is a band aid at best, and not a long-term solution to dental pain.

We would recommend that you always attend the dentist when you begin having any sort of dental related pain. If you have seen the GP for dental pain, following up as soon as you can with your dentist is advised. Dentists are specialists and have done many years of training in the mouth and surrounding facial areas.

Sensitivity to hot or cold foods, pain on biting, pain when doing nothing, pain that radiates up to the ear or down the jaw should be considered abnormal and be examined and treated.

Please call us immediately. Pain to hot and cold is both unpleasant and not ordinary. The tooth that is reacting to such temperatures will need to be examined and there could be something problematic which if left untreated could lead to irreversible conditions.

Dental problems can sneak up on you without any effect for a while. We recommend 6 monthly check ups because 6 months is an ideal amount of time to assess any differences in oral health. This way we can catch anything sneaky early and fix it for you before it becomes a costly treatment or the loss of a tooth.

This is something that will be determined clinically depending on the situation of the problematic tooth or teeth. Your dentist will advise you what treatment they recommend at your appointment.

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