Custom made mouth guards

Our teeth are very vulnerable when participating in contact sports and sporting activities account for many dental injuries. A custom-made mouth guard is a great way of protecting your teeth and jaw bones. An impression of your teeth is taken, and we make a mouth guard that is fitted snugly to your teeth while contouring your gums, ensuring a complete and secure protection from impact.

Pharmacies and sporting goods stores often offer cheaper versions and although they are better than no mouth guard at all, they offer very little protection.

Losing a tooth or teeth in sports can be painful and potentially very expensive. A mouthguard will significantly reduce the chance of trauma to the teeth and surrounding bones.

Ask us about custom made mouth guards today.


Mouthguards from the chemist are not custom made to your mouth like the ones made at the dentist. Mouthguards made by your dentist are fabricated from a mould of your teeth to fit tightly and comfortably. Chemist mouthguards are not made this way and do not fit as perfectly. Mouthguards made by your dentist offer the best protection in contact sports.

Rinse after every use with cold water, do not use hot water. Lightly brush with hand soap and rinse thoroughly.

You can! We have many colour options for you to choose from. You can also make special requests of your favourite sport team colours!

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