Children’s dentistry

Time to take your little one for a dental exam? We can help with all your children’s dental needs. Fostering optimum oral health at a young age is vital for a lifetime of happy smiles.

The Australian Dental Association recommends bringing your baby in for an exam when their first teeth erupt, this is usually around 6months of age and its main purpose is to see if they natural development is within normal range. We spend time getting to know the habits your children have with their brushing routine, snacking and their nutrition to guide you where necessary to minimise the risk of dental disease.

We usually transition the child to the dental chair when they are comfortable at around 3 years old and create a warm, welcoming environment to examine their teeth. Dental health is about education, and it is so important to us that they have fun in the chair and learn a lot from their experience.

We perform all types of dentistry on children, including examinations, clean and polishes, fluoride treatment, fillings, and extractions.


Fear can be contagious. If you are deciding to bring your children in for their first visit, or any future visits, we recommend saying positive things about the dentist. Making sure not to prepare your child with a sense of fear by saying the dentist is scary, or puts sharp things in their mouth, or even that their visit might hurt is step one. Remember that all our staff are trained dental professionals and we know that it can be difficult for children to feel comfortable in the dental surgery. Our staff have their own techniques on how to manage dental fear, but it is extremely helpful when parents are encouraging with their children and let them know that we like to have fun in the dentist’s chair.

In a word – fun! We let the kids experience the dental room in an exciting way. Giving them a ride in the chair, letting them lay down to see the TV with cartoons on the ceiling, counting their teeth and getting a toy. We may give their teeth a little polish if they are feeling comfortable and happy to experience something more.

Yes! It is important to start brushing your child’s teeth as soon as they come through. This can be with either a brush, cloth, or finger brush. We strongly suggest to make brushing a fun activity associate with routine. Speak to our dental professionals at your next appointment.

Age specific toothpaste is perfect for children. All major brand toothpastes have the recommended fluoride content in which will benefit your developing child’s teeth! It is important to start using toothpaste at 18months old and to only use half a pea sized amount. Speak to our practitioners for more information.

Many brands now offer different flavours of children’s toothpaste. For example, Colgate offers a strawberry flavour and Oral B offers bubble / berry flavour. As your children grow it is wise to integrate them to a mild mint flavour as most adult pastes are mint.

Remembering that all children are unique and there are exceptions in how teeth begin to exfoliate (become loose) and erupt. There is a general rule of when teeth will appear and when teeth will begin to fall out, around 6 years is when you should be expecting the tooth fairy! Refer to the chart below for a visual aid. Contact us for further queries.

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