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Dental professionals are specifically trained to assess an individual’s risk status. It is with this we recommend your individual recall status. The majority of patients we look after are recommended to visit us every 6 months, there are some that are every 3 months (if high risk for disease, or every 12 months if low risk for disease).

During check-ups we thoroughly examine your head, neck and mouth. We then remove plaque and calculus build up using a range of instruments and tools, we finish off the treatment with a polish which brightens your teeth and enhances your smile. Some people require application of a fluoride treatment, this is applied to certain teeth that need a professional strength fluoride treatment to help them remineralise and stay strong. You will always leave feeling fresh and clean!

X-rays (or radiographs) are taken on patients to help dental professionals with their diagnosis. X-rays assist with what we cant clinically see in the mouth (underneath old fillings, in between teeth, bone levels etc). With this knowledge we are able to be more comprehensive with our examinations. X-rays are taken when recommended, also assessed on a risk basis.


Our dental professionals assess individuals risk status and then advise a time for your next appointment according to that. Risk is something that can change very quickly. We may recommend a 3 monthly cleaning until disease has settled and then stretch it out to 6 or 12 months. We like to individualise our treatment to suit you and your health.

Fluoride treatment is something that is recommended often to patients if there are areas in your mouth that need remineralisation or strengthening. We use an evidence based high concentrated varnish that is locally applied to areas in need. Your dental professional will let you know if you need it.

It is recommended not to eat or drink after a fluoride treatment because the varnish needs time to be absorbed into the enamel. Usually we will use the best varnish available and this will set/become sticky on the teeth allowing it to stay in the applied areas.

Of course. However, there is a huge amount of evidence that professionally applied fluoride reduces risk of decay. Your dental professional can go through the information, just ask them. We strongly believe in prevention is better than cure!

Having no symptoms/no pain is great, however many dental diseases (like periodontitis and decay) can be painless until the problem has moved

Highly! Many patients believe that dental cleans are the least important of dental appointments, however this is not the case. Regular cleans are the MOST important appointments to keep! These appointments both prevent and detect any dental issues or concerns before or as they begin. By keeping up to date with your oral health appointments you will avoid the need for more visits to the dentist as well as costly and extensive dental treatments.

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