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At Refresh Dental Care Miranda, HICAPS allows you to claim health fund benefits instantly, making dental care more accessible and reducing upfront costs.
Why Choose Refresh Dental Care Miranda

Choosing the right dental care provider is essential for maintaining your oral health and overall well-being. Our dedication and patient-focused approach set us apart. Explore our clinic's unique distinctions:

Exceptional Dentistry

Exceptional Dentistry

Since opening our doors in 2008, we have provided high-quality family and cosmetic dentistry services to over 3,000 happy patients in the community.

Dedicated Team

Dedicated Team

Our compassionate team, led by Dr. Arash Shahabi, strives to create a welcoming and reassuring environment in every visit, promoting positive dental experiences.

Comprehensive Care

Comprehensive Care

From check-ups to advanced procedures, we offer a full spectrum of dental treatments tailored to meet your family’s needs—all under one roof.

Patient Satisfaction

Patient Satisfaction

We are dedicated to your comfort and satisfaction, offering convenient booking reminders, free parking, and a no-overbooking policy for a stress-free experience.

Your Guide to Dental Health Funds

Refresh Dental Care Miranda welcomes all health funds, streamlining your payment experience. Bring your health fund card, and we’ll process the claims directly via our on-site HICAPS system. This efficient setup reduces initial expenses, making dental visits more financially manageable. Cover varies by fund and plan, so verifying what your extras cover includes with your provider is a good idea. Our staff is available to assist you in confirming your coverage with your provider and facilitating access to essential dental services.


Health Funds FAQs, Answered

Explore our FAQs to understand how Refresh Dental Care Miranda works with all health funds to facilitate your dental care payments. Get clear answers about your benefits here.

At Refresh Dental Care Miranda, we make utilising your health funds simple and efficient. When you visit, bring along your health fund card. We immediately process claims through our HICAPS system, allowing you to benefit from reduced initial payments for your dental services.

Health funds can vary widely depending on what they offer. Most health funds cover routine dental check-ups and preventive dental care, and some may also contribute to the costs of more complex procedures.

Before your appointment, it is advisable to verify the level of coverage, limitations, and exclusions of your plan with your health fund to prevent any unexpected costs. This proactive approach helps you maximise the benefits available to you, supporting your oral health effectively.

Refresh Dental Care Miranda accepts all health funds. However, it’s essential to understand that your health fund may not cover all dental treatments. Here’s what you need to know:

  • General dental services:
    Most health funds cover essential dental services, including examinations, cleanings, and sometimes x-rays as part of their extras cover. These are aimed at maintaining your dental health and preventing future dental issues.
  • Complex treatments:
    Health fund cover may vary for procedures like crowns, bridges, and orthodontic work. Some funds may provide partial cover, while others might not cover these treatments at all.

Contact your health fund before treatment to confirm your extras cover, limits, and waiting periods. This will help you plan dental care without unexpected financial surprises.

Claiming dental expenses through your Refresh Dental Care Miranda health fund is straightforward. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Bring your health fund card:
    Always bring your health fund card to your appointment at our clinic.
  2. On-the-spot processing:
    We use the HICAPS system to process your claim immediately during your visit. This system connects directly to many health funds, facilitating quick and efficient processing.
  3. Understand your benefits:
    Knowing what your extras cover includes is helpful. If you’re uncertain, our staff can assist you in contacting your health fund to confirm your benefits before treatment.
  4. Pay the gap:
    After processing your claim, you’ll be informed of any gap payment required, depending on your fund’s cover and the dental service provided.

By following these steps, you can effectively use your health fund benefits, making your visit to the dentist as smooth as possible with minimal financial stress.

Using your health fund for cosmetic dental treatments at Refresh Dental Care Miranda depends on your policy’s extras cover and health fund type. Here are the key points to consider:

  1. Check your health fund details:
    Not all health funds include cover for cosmetic dental procedures. Reviewing your policy or contacting your health fund directly to understand what is included under your extras cover is recommended.
  2. Coverage varies:
    Some health funds may offer partial cover for specific cosmetic procedures, like veneers or crowns, which also serve therapeutic purposes. However, purely aesthetic treatments are less likely to be covered.
  3. Pre-treatment confirmation:
    Before undergoing cosmetic dental procedures, confirm with our clinic and your health fund what can be claimed under your health fund. This will help you manage any out-of-pocket costs more effectively.
  4. Claiming process:
    If your health fund covers the procedure, you can claim it directly at our clinic through our HICAPS system, which allows immediate processing.

Understanding these details will help you navigate the options available through your health fund for cosmetic dental care.

Finding out whether Refresh Dental Care Miranda accepts your health fund is an easy process. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Check our website or contact us:
    Our website lists the health funds we work with. Alternatively, give us a call or send an email, and we can confirm if we accept your health fund.
  2. Visit the clinic:
    When you visit, our front desk staff can assist you. They’re equipped to confirm if we accept your health fund and explain how you can use your extras cover for various dental services.
  3. HICAPS facilities:
    We have HICAPS available on-site, which supports claims for most major health funds. This means you can process your claim immediately after your appointment.

By following these steps, you can easily determine if your health fund is accepted at our clinic, so you can plan your visit with convenience.

Health funds can cover emergency dental treatments, but the extent of cover varies based on your specific plan and extras cover. Reviewing your policy details or contacting your health fund directly is advised.

Understanding what types of dental emergencies are covered and your potential out-of-pocket costs is crucial. Treatments for pain relief, infections, or accidental injuries are often included. However, waiting periods or limits on how much you can claim annually may exist. Always check with your health fund for the most accurate and relevant information.

At Refresh Dental Care Miranda, we can help you check your health fund benefits for emergency dental treatments.

To claim dental expenses through your health fund at Refresh Dental Care Miranda, you will need to provide specific documents:

  1. Health fund card:
    Always bring your current health fund membership card to facilitate on-the-spot claims processing via our HICAPS system.
  2. Photo ID:
    Some health funds might ask for photo identification to verify the account holder, especially for significant procedures.
  3. Itemised receipts:
    For claims made after the treatment, having itemised receipts or invoices from your dental visit is crucial.
  4. Treatment plan:
    A detailed treatment plan may be necessary for extensive dental procedures, particularly if pre-approval from the health fund is required.

Prepare these documents before your appointment to simplify the claims process and manage expenses effectively.

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